Teddi Gold

As fearless as she is fiery, Teddi Gold has got enough glitz and glamour to fit right in at a jazz-y underground haunt or on-screen in some Golden Age Hollywood production. Yet, she’s also got the spirit to make a statement worthy of a TED Talk. She’ll craft a dance floor banger only to shake up the melody with her own foley sound effects. In one breath, she’ll sing about piña coladas and tiny umbrellas. In the next, she’ll ponder the breakdown of a loved one. Her anthemic, bold, and vibrant pop took music fans by surprise with its spirited, fun and thought-provoking approach. Drawing on her life raised on isolated island in the Caribbean with her two dads, Teddi’s story becomes your own as you’re transported into her colorful world of modern experiences and timeless problems.

Teddi Gold gears up to release her 3rd EP, Meow Mixes, a fun vibrant intergalactic pop journey that encourages all who listen to embrace their most authentic selves. As a singer-songwriter, Teddi’s music has been featured on several editorial playlists, as well as heard in major studio films, network television shows, and commercials such as Old Navy, Hyundai, Apple, Google and more. In her opening track, Sweetest Thing, she sings “my spirit guides a cat, she says to follow me now” and after listening to Meow Mixes, we are definitely following whatever Teddi does!

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