Kesha Shantrell

Bringing her Costa Rican and Mississippi roots together her sound is down-to-earth but also earth-shattering. Based in Pasadena, California Kesha Shantrell has been waiting for her chance to be seen and heard by the world. Blending her years of background singing for artists like Leona Lewis, Andy Grammer, and Kanye West – together with her authentic lyrical charm, Kesha has a voice you can’t forget.

Releasing her first EP 2021 “Phase” was a coming of moment moment for Kesha. She is ready to let the world into her doubt, her fears, her frustrations. “Bloom” is about how Kesha has had to plant the roots and build up the foundation in order to finally become her full self. Now she is inviting people to see beyond the work and see the full bloom. Recorded with live piano and added harmonies this song is a vibe!

Working with local LA indie label Lauretta Records and licensing through Zync Music. You can hear Kesha’s song “Fire” on Starz national Pride campaign.

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